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3 Reasons Why It's Important to Address A Chip In Your Windshield Sooner Rather Than Later.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Although the modern windshield has been designed to be both resilient and durable, chances are if you commute to work, or spend a significant amount of time on the road you've experienced a chip or two in your vehicle's auto glass. That annoying moment, when the tires of a dump truck or like vehicle flings debris straight back behind them onto the road. That foreboding "ding" or "tink' that vibrates across the glass, as a small rock or road debris hits your windshield, nicking the glass, and causing a chip.

So why is it important to get an auto glass chip repaired as soon as possible? Here are just a few reasons to consider:

1) Your Windshield Plays An important Roll In Protecting You And Your Vehicle's Structural Integrity.

Your vehicles windshield is built to protect your vehicle's occupants against debris on the road, severe weather, dust, insects, rocks, and in some cases collisions. You might also be interested to know that your vehicles windshield doesn't just protect you from the outside elements. It provides structural support and in the event of a collision or rollover, a windshield adds strength to the frame and can help prevent roof crush. Making your windshield one of the most important components of your vehicle.

2) Avoid Getting A Ticket Or Even Potentially Having Your Vehicle Towed

Massachusetts laws have detailed restrictions on the size and type of cracks allowed on windshields. No cracks or chips are allowed within area cleared by windshield wipers. Any damage on windshields must not obstruct driver’s clear view of the road. No chips or cracks larger than the size of a quarter are permitted.

Ticketing police officers have discretion to decide whether any cracks, chips or area of damage hinder the driver's view.  The police can stop you and insist that the car be towed as well as ticket you for operating an unsafe vehicle.

3) Ignoring Chips Could Lead To More Costly Repairs

Temperature changes and increased pressure on your vehicles auto glass can quickly turn a windshield chip into a crack. Depending on the size of the crack it may not be repairable, and may lead to you needing to have your entire windshield replaced.

We can repair it while it’s still a chip and provide you peace of mind. What’s more, most auto insurance glass coverage will pay for chip repairs. In fact, most insurance companies will waive the deductible for this repair because it will stop the damage from spreading and avoid a more expensive windshield replacement. If you don't have insurance out of pocket cost vary and can be as low as $59.95 for a chip repair. Compared to the average $300 out of pocket cost to replace a windshield, it is well worth addressing sooner rather than later.



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