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Do You Have To Use The Auto Glass Repair Shop Your Insurance Recommends?

When your automobiles glass has been damaged beyond repair, or is in need of a simple rock chip repair, more often than not if you phone it into your insurance company they will most likely recommend a repair shop. The question most folks we work with ask, is do you have to use their preferred auto glass repair shop?

The simple answer is no! You don't have to use the auto glass repair shop the insurance company recommends. Most insurance companies have contracts with repair shops near you, and choosing one off your insurance companies list benefits them exclusively. When you choose your insurance companies repair shop, as a part of that contract they have usually negotiated lower rates on labor, parts and materials. Saving them money in the long run. When it comes to the safety of your vehicle do you really want to compromise it with discount parts and materials? You're also not guaranteed quality service.

The problem is that insurers in the past have used false statements to pressure policyholders into use preferred auto glass and automotive repair shops in general. In Massachusetts, and Rhodes Island laws have been put into place to prevent insurance adjusters from pushing customers to preferred repair shops. It is actually illegal for them to dissuade you from using your choice of repair shops, or require you to use one of their preferred shops instead.

States that no staff or independent appraiser, insurer, representative of insurer, or employer of an independent appraiser shall refer the claimant to or away from any specific repair shop or require that repairs be made by a specific repair shop or individual.

Defines one unfair method of competition and unfair or deceptive act or practice in the business of insurance as: requiring that repairs be made to an automobile at a specified auto body repair shop or interfering with the insured's or claimant's free choice of repair facility. The insured or claimant shall be promptly informed by the insurer of his or her free choice in the selection of an auto body repair shop. Once the insured or claimant has advised the insurer that an auto body repair shop has been selected, the insurer may not recommend that a different auto body repair shop be selected to repair the automobile.

If you are looking for a reputable auto glass repair shop Aaron's AutoGlass has you covered. We not only offer a lifetime warranty on our work, but we are committed to the safety of our customers as an accredited and Registered Member Company of the prestigious Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). Taking care of your auto glass concerns with experienced, and prompt service anywhere you are via our Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service. Our staff will also take care of all the details required to file the claim with your insurance company. Making your experience hassle free.



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