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Why It's Important To Calibrate Your Vehicle's ADAS Camera After Replacing Your Windshield.

The wonderful thing about newer vehicles as they hit the marketplace is the amount of new-age technology built into their design to create a safer driving experience. What many don't realize is that a percentage of that technology is built into your vehicles auto-glass. That means that when an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) is in place, replacing your vehicle's auto-glass can become that much more complicated if not done right.

Advanced driving assistance systems can include senors, such as those utilized for lane departure, collision avoidance, parking assist, adaptive cruise control and more. These systems rely upon lasers, radar and cameras, that are typically mounted to your vehicles windshield. Anytime a windshield needs to be replaced the camera, that is an integral part of your vehicles safety system, needs to be calibrated to OEM (or factory) settings. If not done correctly it can lead to a miscalculation in your vehicles ADAS system.

That miscalculation of even a millimeter could lead to an improperly aligned camera, affecting the functionality of your vehicles ADAS system, leading to one or more potentially dangerous driving situations. That could include, not sensing the correct distance between vehicles when switching lanes on the highway, or your parking assist being off and colliding with another parked car. Precision calibration is detrimental to your vehicle's ADAS safe operation, and to ensuring that you continue to have a safe driving experience.

If your vehicle has an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) is important that its camera be calibrated after every windshield replacement, as well as anytime your vehicle is in an accident (however minor), anytime you see an error code, or anytime the camera gets disconnected. At Aaron's AutoGlass we take your safety seriously. That is why as vehicle's have evolved so has our business model. We now offer our customers with ADAS systems the ability to have their windshield camera calibrated quickly and efficiently.


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