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Why Calibrating Your Vehicle’s Windshield Camera is Important to Your Safety?

Making sure that your vehicle’s camera is properly calibrated after having your windshield replaced can be crucial to making sure your vehicle’s ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) is operating properly.

What is an ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems)?

ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) use camera-based sensors to help you, the driver of the vehicle, have a greater awareness of your vehicle’s driving environment. In conjunction with proximity and motion sensors, this camera-based system captures images of the sides, front and in some cases back of your vehicle to identify road markings, street signs, pedestrians, other vehicles and potential obstacles.

Most ADAS systems operate using a camera mounted to your car’s windshield. Windshield camera calibration brings your car’s ADAS system back to its original manufacturer settings. Recalibrating your windshield camera is crucial, as those front facing cameras are moved during a windshield replacement.

ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) that can be affected can be organized into five broad groups, each representing multiple technologies based on research by NHTSA :

Group 1: Forward collision prevention:

  • Forward collision warning

  • Automatic emergency braking

  • Brake assist

Group 2: Lane keeping:

  • Lane departure warning

  • Lane keeping assist

  • Lane centering assist

Group 3: Blind zone detection

  • Blind spot warning

  • Blind spot intervention

  • Lane change merge

Group 4: Forward pedestrian impact avoidance

  • Pedestrian detection

Group 5: Backing collision avoidance

  • Reverse automatic braking

  • Back-up warning

  • Rear traffic alert

When Should I have my ADAS system calibrated?

According to every manufacturer, it is mandatory to recalibrate your ADAS during the following scenarios:

  • Windshield replacement

  • Collision

  • Replacement change in tires or ride height

  • ADAS lights are on or flashing

Even if the calibration is only slightly off your vehicle’s ADAS will not operate properly., endangering yourself, as well as your passengers, and putting you at risk of a major accident and/or injury.

What are the safety risks of having an uncalibrated ADAS?

In 2018 in one such scenario a man in Nova Scotia’s ADAS camera directed his car towards oncoming traffic. His auto glass replacement shop completed a windshield replacement and did not advise him that his ADAS system would need to be calibrated. Although the technology did allow the driver to resume control of the steering wheel and safely drive the vehicle. Since a majority of the main sensors are in the windshield, if the camera isn't recalibrated after a windshield replacement, systems like the forward collision alert system cannot work to help you avoid accidents and could lead to situations like these.

According to I-CAR research, 86% of vehicles today have some form of ADAS technology, which aids with driving issues such as blind spots or traffic sign recognition. While NHTSA says that ADAS technologies have the potential to prevent 20,841 deaths per year, or about 62% of total traffic deaths. Lane keeping assist accounts for 14,844 of this savings, while pedestrian automatic braking accounts for another 4,106 lives saved.

How do I get my vehicle’s windshield camera calibrated?

The calibration process varies from one vehicle to another, and may require a static and/ or dynamic calibration. It’s necessary for a certified technician to perform the calibration service as it requires specialized tools. Click here for more information on how Aaron’s AutoGlass can help with your windshield replacement and calibration.



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