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ADAS System


Camera Calibration

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We take your safety seriously 

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Have your ADAS Camera Calibrated Quickly and Efficently

The wonderful thing about newer vehicles as they hit the marketplace is the amount of new-age technology built into their design to create a safer driving experience. What many don't realize is that a percentage of that technology is built into your vehicles auto-glass. If your vehicle has an Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) is important that its camera be calibrated:

After Every Windshield


Anytime your vehicle is in an accident (however minor)

If you see an error code

Whenever the camera gets disconnected

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What is an ADAS System?

ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) use camera-based sensors to help you, the driver of the vehicle, have a greater awareness of your vehicle’s driving environment. In conjunction with proximity and motion sensors, this camera-based system captures images of the sides, front and in some cases back of your vehicle to identify road markings, street signs, pedestrians, other vehicles and potential obstacles.

What vehicle systems are 

Impacted by the ADAS

  • Forward collision prevention

  • Backup collision prevention 

  • Lane departure

  • Collision avoidance

  • Parking assist

  • Adaptive cruise control and more


These systems rely upon lasers, radar and cameras, that are typically mounted to your vehicles windshield.

Most ADAS systems operate using a camera mounted to your car’s windshield. Windshield camera calibration brings your car’s ADAS system back to its original manufacturer settings.

ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) camera calibration
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