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Why Using a Certified Auto Glass Technician is the Best Decision You Can Make!

Safety is the name of the game! At Aaron’s and Ace we invest in our auto glass technicians, who are members of the Auto Glass Safety Council. Dedicated to the safe repair and replacement of auto glass, the AGSC requires techs to be re-certified every three years.

As members of the AutoGlass Safety Council it is our mission to make every auto glass repair and replacement safer by:

  • Developing and maintaining standards for the repair and replacement of auto glass

  • Educating and accrediting the industry

  • Promoting awareness of the AGRSS™ Standard and the repair Standard to the insurance industry and driving public at large

Our motivation: we want to provide our customers with the safest and most reliable auto glass repair and replacement possible. We do this by following the guidelines set forth by auto manufacturers and the safety council.

Real estate agents have to be certified, auto mechanics can be certified, and CPA’s need to be certified. This is important because certified individuals and businesses have demonstrated that they:

  • Operate using proven methods and modern information in their industry

  • Conduct business utilizing the most up-to-date up to safety regulations

  • Have a thirst for continuing knowledge and education in their field

  • Are an experts in their industry

How Does A Certified Auto Glass Technician Differ?


In order to become certified, auto glass technicians need to be able to demonstrate their knowledge through education as well as through on-the-job experience and training. They are required to have extensive training and work hours to safely repair and replace auto glass including:

  • High school diploma and/or GED

  • Depending on the type of certificate, 3 or more years in the auto glass industry with the ability to demonstrate knowledge in the following areas:

  1. The properties of glass

  2. Removal and installation methods

  3. Tools of the trade

  4. Proper auto glass adhesives

  5. Glass safety standards

General and Master Certified Technicians of the AutoGlass Safety Council also have access to a variety of continuing education courses. As manufacturers develop new and improved safety features in vehicles, such as ADAS systems, auto glass replacement safety and installation procedures can also change.


As Auto Glass Safety Council certified auto glass installers, we meet the ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard and are committed to safety and quality at the highest level because we care about your safety. Our installers and technicians:

  • Follow automotive glass industry best practices for safe automotive glass installations

  • Meet the pertinent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

  • Follow industry best practices for safe automotive glass installation

Auto glass repair and installations certifications also guarantee that glass technicians will repair or replace your auto glass with 100% safety. An incorrectly installed windshield can lead to multiple issues including frosting, whistling noises, and instant cracks in case of an impact. Remember that your windshield plays a vital role in the structural integrity of your vehicle, so having a properly installed windshield using sealants that hold firm when a car flips over, can make all the difference.

You deserve peace of mind. A certified glass technician will not only repair your windshield but also test its strength before handing over the car to you. At Aaron’s AutoGlass, we use only the highest quality products from our adhesives all the way down to our glass cleaner. We do not sacrifice quality to lower our costs. That's why we back our work with a lifetime warranty.





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