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Added value! When you have your windshield replaced by Aaron’s, it comes with free rock-chip repair service for one year. Stop further damage at no cost to you.

Note that windshield chip repairs work when the damage breaks through the top layer of the layered glass used in auto glass. Auto glass is safety glass. It is “sandwiched” with a flexible middle layer that prevents shattering. The chip damage must break through the outer layer in order for a resin to be injected into the damage cavity, which binds and seals the damage. Smaller dings that do not break the top layer of glass most often are not a concern and will not spread.


Let us take a look and advise you on the best course of action.

*Cash customers only. Restrictions apply, contact us for more details and information. 


Repairs are quick and affordable and are often covered by your insurance provider at little or no cost to you.